Nuer verb lookup and form generator

Encoded by Raphael Finkel 5/2016 in KATR.
Based on work by Matthew Baerman, Irina Monich, Tatiana Reid, Oliver Bond (University of Surrey), Bert Remijsen (University of Edinburgh)

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Compute verb forms

English equivalent
Stem Cut and paste if you need: ɛ ɔ i̤ e̤ ɛ̤ a̤ ɔ̤ o̤ ṳ ç d̪ r̥ t̪ ɣ ŋ
Optional information transitive no lenition
Tone class (sg, 3sg, pl):
1: H L | H L | H F
2: H L | H L | R F
3: F L | F L | F F
4: F L | F L | R F
5: L H | R F | R F
6: L H | R F | L L
7: L H | L H | H L
8: L H | L H | L L

Compute mutations

Stem with mutation marks:
Cut and paste if you need these letters: ɛ ɔ i̤ e̤ ɛ̤ a̤ ɔ̤ o̤ ṳ ç d̪ r̥ t̪ ɣ ŋ
The mutation marks are placed after consonants at end of syllable: For instance, to̤o̤kN requests vowel shortening with lenition, resulting in to̤k.