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Irish (cut and paste if you need: á é í ó ú>
English equivalent
verbal adjective suffix (only for verb)
verbal adjective (only for verb)
past stem (only for verb)
past ending (only for verb)
dependent past stem (only for verb)
gerund suffix (only for verb)
future stem (only for verb)
continual present stem (only for verb)
plural suffix (only for noun)
genitive singular suffix (only for noun)
nominative singular suffix (only for noun)
1st conjugation
1st conjugation, past tense in -igh
2nd conjugation
2nd conjugation, past tense in -igh
1st class adjective
2nd class adjective
3rd class adjective
2nd declension feminine
3rd declension feminine
4th declension feminine
1st declension masculine
3rd declension masculine
4th declension masculine