CS315 information for students

Quick links for Zoom


Here is a syllabus of the course .

Class notes

Algorithms dictionary

A nice dictionary of algorithms and data structures.


The Tau Beta Pi Tutors are available on the third floor of FPAT Sunday through Thursday, typically 2p-8p (each day is different).

Assignment 1

Here is assignment 1.

Assignment 2

Here is assignment 2.

Assignment 3

Here is assignment 3.


Here is the showShort program that I have been demonstrating in class. It runs only on Linux. Run it first as
./showSort.par -h
to see a usage message.

Assignment 4

Here is assignment 4.

Assignment 5

Here is assignment 5.

Fake test

Here is a fake test for you to take and send.

Final exam

Here is the final exam. During the exam, I will be available in my "office" at https://uky.zoom.us/j/581609732.