Using your virtual machine



All the files on your VM disappear when the instance is deleted. Back up your work regularly to another computer. We generally don't delete VMs (until the end of the semester), but if you break your VM so that it no longer boots, we might be forced to delete it and build a new instance.

However, your VM has its own internal backups of your files in directory /backup, which should survive if you delete your VM.

Accessing your VM

In the steps below, replace linkblueid with your LinkBlue ID (in lower case) and password with your LinkBlue password. Your VM and your account on that machine are both named after your LinkBlue ID.

Modifying your VM

You have privilege to run sudo in your machine.


You have two new accounts, one on OpenStack and one on your VM.

You use your OpenStack account to access your VM's dashboard by browsing to  and providing your LinkBlue credentials.

The name of your VM is, and your user name on your VM is linkblueid. You can access your VM via (1) the OpenStack dashboard console, (2) NoMachine (from practically any machine), (3) ssh (from a Mac or Unix machine), or (4) putty (from a Windows machine).