CS270 information for students


Here is a syllabus of the course .

Course notes

My personal class notes are here.

My handwritten notes from all the classes are here.

Using your Virtual Machine

Look at these notes for instructions on using your virtual machine.

Efficient wireless access on campus

Look at these notes for instructions on connecting your laptop to campus wireless.

Questions and answers

You can find questions that students have raised and my answers here.

The gdb debugger

Here are slides about the gdb debugger. Other resources:

Laboratory assignments

Laboratory assignments are conducted in class on dedicated days; see the syllabus for the schedule.
  1. Laboratory 1
  2. Laboratory 2
  3. Laboratory 3
  4. Laboratory 4
  5. Laboratory 5


Projects are due according to the syllabus.
  1. Project 1
  2. Project 2
  3. Project 3
  4. Project 4
  5. Project 5