Viktor Marek and Golden Pudel

If you really look for Viktor Marek (also known as Victor Marek), the German punk-rock singer (usually performing at the club "Golden Pudel" in Hamburg), here is some basic information. In the past his record Gorillaz was advertised on WWW, but recently I could not find it anymore, although there are other records with the same name. For some time the club advertised Saturday Hindu-Abends (evenings with Indian music? Classical Indian music?) with Messrs Schuh and Marek but those recently disappeared. Some sources claim that Mr. Marek is a manager of "legendary club Golden Pudel". I have no reason to doubt it.

On youtube, one can listen to several pieces of Mr. Marek, including this one .

It came to my attention that the musicians Jacques Palminger and Viktor Marek have (had?) a record "Die `Henry' Maske". I wonder who Henry is. The record (along with "Gorillaz") disappeared from WWW. A big disappointment. I also received an information that Mr. Marek's song entitled "Random Access Memory (Lost my Head)" (I am not making this up) is available for download, on Amazon, at $1.49 price. Apparently it is a remix (rather than cover) of that song, which was written by Mr. Greg Dano.

I found that Messrs Marek and Palminger wrote a piece called "Tudeldüb", actually, quite good. It can be seen on Youtube, search for Tudeldub. Actually, there are plenty of other pieces by Marek and Palminger on YouTube.

There also appears to be a record "The best of Golden Pudel" (featuring V. Marek as well).

Numerous photos of Mr. Marek (he should - but does not - look like my twin) are available on Internet. Search for "photo of Viktor Marek".

Last modified: January 26, 2018