A couple of pictures

My wife Elizabeth, daughter Natalia (referenced sr.) and myself, in Monterey

Here is my granddaughter Natalia (referenced jr.) in the garden of her other grandparents, May 2007.

Margaret, Natalia jr. and Brian, Spring '07

November 2004. With our friends, Legatos, in a phenomenal restaurant in Austin, TX.

January 2005. In our house in Lexington.

Redbuds bloom in Kentucky, April 2008. The most beautiful time in Lexington.

This is Linux Penguin knitted by Natalia Sr. - the Christmas 2007 present.

The same Penguin sits on the (twisted) model of hyperbolic plane. This incredible object was crocheted by Margaret and is a present for my 65th birthday.

This is a plaque presented by a group of my friends during Ft. Lauderdale meeting for my 65th birthday. Some photos of the meeting are available at this site.

Summer 2008, in La Jolla, CA.

Natalia jr. in her tough mood, La Jolla Shores, CA, Summer 2008.

Elizabeth and I, La Jolla, CA, Summer 2008

Elizabeth and I, October 2008, in St. Louis Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO.

Elizabeth and two Natalias after Thanksgiving 2008 5K walk in Colorado.

Both my daughters, Margaret and Natalia, granddaughter Natalia and myself, Thanksgiving 2008 in Colorado.

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