Teaching Philosophy

I believe most students can learn just about any concept. It takes some people longer than others; it takes different methods for different people. I do think there is a place for the traditional lecture format, and I do use it. But many people learn more easily with hands-on experience. I encourage students to become independent learners, who feel they can tackle a problem and solve it themselves.

I believe I have a commitment to the class and the students to make it possible for them to learn. That means that I am physically present at the classroom as much as possible. I have missed very few classes in my teaching career, and only for very good reasons. I expect the same of students.

I am honest and fair with the students; I expect students to be honest with me. If I do not get their best work, then they will hear about it. Cheating or plagiarism is not tolerated.

I expect students to make an effort to learn in any class I teach. That means coming to class, reading the assignments, doing the lab work or design work or programs, or at least attempting them, asking questions. I try to make myself as available as possible, via time in class, office hours, email, a webpage.

I find that students generally rise to meet your expectations. If you don't expect much from them, you won't get much. If your standards are higher, a lot of students will accomplish more than they thought they could.

Debby Keen