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Alice is a program designed to help people learn about programming computers.

Alice's web page

Alice is a memory hog! don't have very many other programs running at the same time.

Alice will get slower after you have run it a long time, like an hour. It is better to stop Alice and start it again.

Alice world files have an .a2w extension. You cannot double click on an a2w file and run Alice. You must run (double-click) the Alice icon (.exe) or use the shortcut on the Desktop or Start Menu then, inside Alice, use File / Open World.

If you download an Alice world and Internet Explorer renames it as a .zip file (instead of .a2w), just rename the file back to .a2w and it should be recognized by Alice. You do NOT have to unzip an .a2w file; Alice does that internally.

The scroll wheels on most mice do not work with Alice's interface. You have to click and drag the scroll bar with the mouse pointer.

Knock Knock jokes

Sample worlds and some games