Virtual Den works with Windows and Mac machines, it has MS Access 2016.  The IT people should be able to help you if you have problems.  A note - this system (working in the 'cloud' on a 'virtual machine') does not have permanent storage, so you need to save any work you do on YOUR machine before you log off.

If Virtual Den asks for an account, here is how to avoid that.

Quote from IT person: "I believe this may be a case where they are trying to access the virtualden
from the Citrix Workspace Application and not going to the website
"". If you start the application in a 'stand alone'
situation (without it being initiated by the website) it asks for credentials.
Going through the URL always
works and I am able to start the VirtualDen Desktop."

If you have trouble saving on the Virtual Den

Here is a page that may help.  Pictures!