CS 101 Introduction to Computers Spring 2022 Syllabus - Test Information

Lecture Tests Details

There is a midterm content exam during the semester and a non-comprehensive final exam during Finals week. These exams will cover material discussed in lecture and material in chapters of the textbook. Each of the exams is 25% of the final grade (250 points). These are closed book, closed note tests.

The midterm exam is held during regular 101 class time. The final exam is given during Finals Week. These are also listed on the Class Schedule page.

The tests are a combination of multiple choice questions and some "handwork" questions, which require some calculations. These tests are closed note, closed book.

Lab Tests Details

There will be three lab tests given during the semester. These are marked on the Class Schedule page in bold, as REQUIRED. They are given at the student's regularly scheduled lab period. The first Lab Test is 9% of the final grade, the second is 10% and the third is 11%. From the start of the semester, a list of the skills that are required on the lab tests, as well as several practice tests, will be posted on the class web page. If the student feels that they do not possess those skills, it is HIGHLY recommended that they work through some or all of the practice tests given on the class web page. These will not be collected, but they will prepare the student for the test.

During a lab test, each student will be given a list of tasks to accomplish on a file. This must be accomplished by the end of the lab period and submitted electronically. No assistance will be given by the Teaching Assistant during the test. Any manuals or reference materials desired may be used during the lab test.

The tasks on the lab tests should not take a prepared student more than 40 minutes to perform. Each lab period is 50 minutes long. Each lab test is scheduled to finish at 10 minutes before the hour. Every minute after this time limit that a test submission is late incurs a penalty of 10% of the possible score. So don't be late to the tests! You will not be given extra time if you are!

Return of Test Results (Lecture and Lab)

Test results will be made available to students within one week of the date the test was taken, if the test was taken at the scheduled time. Students are responsible for checking these results as soon as they are made available. ANY questions about test results must be raised within one week of their availability. Check your grade on Canvas; don't assume you know how you performed! Some people wait 2-3 weeks, until they go to the next lab test, to find out how they did on the previous lab test. At this point it is too late to do anything about a problem with the test.

What to do if you miss an exam

If you miss any exam, it is your responsibility to contact Dr. Keen within one week of the date of the test. If you do not, your absence will be considered "unexcused". See the Attendance Policy for more details. NOTE: do NOT contact your Teaching Assistant about makeup exams. They do not have the authority to permit one.