CS 101 Introduction to Computers Spring 2022 Syllabus - Grading

Grades are determined by:
Midterm Written Test 250
Final Written Test 250
Lab Test 1 on Windows/Excel90
Lab Test 2 on MS Excel 100
Lab Test 3 on MS Access 110
HTML Project 56
Alice Project 40
Zybook Homework 22
Attendance at Lectures 56
Attending First Lab
First Lab Tasks
Attendance at Last Lab 16

Your grade is calculated as a percentage of 1000 points. That is the sum of the components of the class. Each attendance at lecture (Quiz) is worth 2 points.

Grading Scale: 90-100% = A
80-89.9% = B
70-79.9% = C
60-69.9% = D
below 60 = E

Bonus Points

Students can earn up to 9 bonus points. They will be added to the student's final point total. One point is given for each Open Lab attended during the semester, up to 9 points.

All policies associated with this course are subject to revision. Reasonable notification will be provided to students before any major changes are made.