CS 101 Introduction to Computers Spring 2022 Syllabus - Attendance and Makeup Policies

This explains what is expected of each student as far as attendance for each part of the course and what to do if you miss a meeting or test.

Attendance at Lecture

Day sections (1-6) lectures meet on Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 - 1:20 pm. Night section (401) lectures meet on Wednesday at 6:00 - 7:45 pm.

Attendance at lectures is highly recommended. There will be an attendance quiz in Canvas with a few questions about the lecture which will be due at the end of the same week as the lecture. This quiz is cooperative; you can read notes, review slides, watch the lecture video, talk to other students, talk to TAs, talk to Dr. Keen. The attendance quizzes are weighted as about 6% of the final grade.

What to do if you miss a Lecture

If your absence is excused, mail your documentation to Dr. Keen within one week after the absence and you will be given credit for that attendance.

Attendance at Lecture Tests

There is a midterm content exam during the semester and a non-comprehensive final exam during Finals week. Students are expected take the exams at the scheduled time.

What to do if you miss the Midterm Exam

In case of a legitimate unforeseen conflict (illness or death in the family), the student MUST contact Dr. Keen within one week after the scheduled exam in order to have an opportunity to take the test. In case of other conflicts the student MUST inform Dr. Keen at least a week in advance of the scheduled exam. If you do not, your absence will be considered "unexcused". A makeup may or may not be allowed at Dr. Keen's discretion.

Attendance at REQUIRED Labs

The lab meetings marked on the schedule as REQUIRED are the times you are REQUIRED to attend the lab sessions. The very first lab meeting is marked REQUIRED because we need to verify that everyone has their University account set up. The lab which meets the very last week of the semester is REQUIRED. Attendance at the lab tests is REQUIRED of course.

What to do if you miss a REQUIRED Lab

That is, what if you miss either the very first lab of the semester or the very last lab of the semester? If you miss the first lab without a valid excuse, you do NOT get the points for it. You still need to see your TA as soon as you can and demonstrate to them that you can log in with your University account. This should be done BEFORE the first Lab Test - there will be a penalty on the test if you cannot log in. If you miss the very last lab, you do NOT get the points given for attendance. This last lab may NOT be made up without a valid excuse.

Attendance at Open Labs

Attendance at the other lab periods that are not lab tests, called "open labs", is optional. A student may attend these lab periods or not, as they judge necessary. The Teaching Assistants will be there at the scheduled times, and will answer questions and provide as much assistance as possible. However, attendance at "open lab" sessions has a positive correlation with success on the lab tests. Therefore, attendance will be taken at every open lab session. Students who attend open labs during the semester will receive one bonus point on their final grade for each open lab attended, up to 9 labs. This applies only to attendance at the scheduled labs at the section time the student is enrolled in. If a student desires more lab time, they can attend additional lab times during the "Open Lab" weeks. There are several lab sections offered every week (including one Monday night). If you feel you need more time to ask questions about a package, you can go to any or all of the sections! Please do remember that the TA who is in charge of a section must give priority to the students from that section who are there. Most of the time that is not a problem.

What to do if you miss an Open Lab

You can attend another lab session with the same or a different TA if there is room in the lab. This will allow you to ask questions and get assistance on the material. It will NOT count for your bonus point attendances. You MUST go to your scheduled lab with YOUR TA to get credit for the bonus. Make sure you get checked off the attendance sheet when you go to your scheduled open lab, to get the bonus.

Attendance at Lab Tests

At regular intervals during the semester, Lab Tests will be given. Attendance is REQUIRED for these. See the schedule for these dates. The Lab Tests will take place during regularly scheduled lab periods. The student MUST take the exam during the section they are enrolled in.

What to do if you miss a Lab Test

If you miss your scheduled Lab Test AND you have an excused absence as defined below, you need to arrange a makeup exam with Dr. Keen. The procedure for doing that is here. If a student comes to the wrong section time, they will be turned away and will NOT be allowed to arrange a makeup.

Every student is allowed one "Free Makeup". This is ONE time you do not have documentation of an excused absence for a lab test. You will be allowed to take that lab test at another time which will be scheduled with Dr. Keen. See the Makeup Policies for more details.

If you do not have documentation of an excused absence for a lab test and you have used up your "Free Makeup", you will NOT be allowed to make it up later! You will get a zero score.

In any case, if you miss a lab test, you have ONE WEEK to arrange for the makeup. There is a link on the main class web page called "Lab Test Makeup Request Form" which you must fill out within one week of the scheduled date of the lab test. Do not ask your TA for a makeup, they do not have the authority.

Punctuality: Students are expected to come to all classes on time and stay for the whole period. This is especially important for Lab Tests. Lab Tests end at 10 minutes until the hour. Any work turned in after that deadline will lose 10 percent out of what is possible for each minute late, based on the file's timestamp when it is submitted. Extra time will NOT be given.

Excused Absences Defined

Excused absences are the following:

Missed announcements, instructions, assignments, etc. due to the absence will not constitute acceptable reasons for failing to meet subsequent deadlines. It is the student's responsibility to learn the content of the missed classes.

NOTE: See definition of excused absences in the current edition of Student Rights and Responsibilities or on the web at http://www.uky.edu/StudentAffairs/Code/. No absence can be designated "excused" until documentation has been provided and verified. Absences due to minor conditions (lack of transportation, slight discomfort, conflict with an appointment, etc.) are considered UNexcused, as are absences for registration or advising.

Examples of EXCUSED absences:

Examples of UNEXCUSED absences: These are NOT excused and will result in a score of ZERO.

“Students are expected to follow University policy regarding Covid safety requirements. Any student who is non-compliant will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct”.