CS 101 Introduction to Computers Spring 2022

Lecturer: Dr. Debby Keen

The class is all "in person", meeting on UK campus.

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Important Announcements:
March 31Reminder that Lab Test 3 happens April 18-April 20. Have YOU been practicing??
March 31Check your final exam schedule!
April 8HTML Project Due Wednesday, April 27, midnight
April 9Last Lab of the semester, week of April 25-27. Required! gets you 16 points!
April 14Some important slides to know for the final
April 14Dr. Keen's Finals week schedule
April 14Final Exam details
April 18How to make the most of Reading Days

Useful Video "How to learn anything in 20 hours"

Useful Class Resources (Processes, procedures, howtos,...) including Bypass Exam details

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