HTML Lab Project
Due Wednesday, April 27, midnight
accepted until Thursday, April 28, midnight without penalty

Instructions for HTML Lab Project

All the files used for Pochi the Cat example

If you work on a Mac and have trouble with your quotation marks

How to create a simple webpage using a Mac

NOTE to MAC users Yes, this is another project where you may have problems getting MacOS to cooperate. If you cannot force TextEdit to produce a file with .html as extension, let it be .txt. We will not penalize you for it. MacOS thinks it knows better than you do.

An FAQ: if you have zipped your html file and your image files and you double click on the zipped file to see what's inside of it, and double click on the html file to view it, you will NOT be able to see the image files. They will show as broken links. The reason for this is that the browser displaying the html file is looking outside the zip file for the image files. If they are not outside the zip file, the browser cannot display them.

Use the Canvas submit link to submit your zip file. Your zip file should include all files needed for your page. Don't forget your image files.