HTML Project Lab (Last Lab)

On April 25 (sections 1, 2, 401), April 27 (section 5), the lab meetings of CS 101 will be REQUIRED. Point value will be 16 points (NOT bonus)

What will happen there?

If you have some of the HTML project done, you should bring it to class and show it to your TA. It does NOT have to be complete. You can get help on the project. You don't have to finish it in the lab period.
If you don't have anything done on the HTML project, you can start work on the project with the help of the TA. You don't have to finish it in the period.

Remember that the HTML project is worth 60 points on the class grade.

How do you get the 16 points?

You show your TA your HTML project (either doing it before lab and bringing it to lab or working on it during lab will count)
You MUST come to the lab time you are registered for to get the points. You can also come to other lab times for help with the HTML project if you want.
The HTML Project is due Wednesday April 27, midnight. It will be accepted with no penalty until Thursday April 28 midnight.

Note to Macintosh users: be careful if you are going to work on a Apple machine. Even the app called TextEdit does NOT create plain text files unless you change a setting in the Format menu in the application.

Note that the file you turn in MUST have been typed in Notepad or a similar text editor, NOT DreamWeaver or FrontPage or Microsoft Word or any application that creates HTML automatically. The html that these apps generate is very distinctive. If we find that your file comes from one of these applications, you receive ZERO points.