Design Example
Average Income by Gender

Problem: you've been hired by a law firm that is working on a sex discrimination case. You are provided a list of incomes for the company, which are labeled M or F. You are asked to compute the average income for females and the average income for males.

Input: a character F or M followed by a floating point salary amount. There is a space between the character and the number, and the input is terminated by a -1 for salary.


1.  do initializations 
2.  get input for first employee
3.  while not at end of data
4.	output the data that was input 
5.	if is male data 
6.		add 1 to malecount
7.		add salary to malesalaries
8.		add 1 to femalecount
9.		add salary to femalesalaries
10.	get input for next employee

11. if malecount is not zero
	average male salary = malesalaries / malecount
12. if femalecount is not zero
	average female salary = femalesalaries / femalecount

13. output malecount, femalecount
14. output average male salary, average female salary

some more detail for some steps

1.1  set malecount, femalecount to 0, set malesalaries, femalesalaries to 0
3.1  while salary is not -1