How to change the size of the font in your IDE

When you are working with a team of people, you need to make some changes to make it easier to do. One simple thing is to increase the size of the font on your IDE on the screen. Four people are going to be trying to read your text by leaning over your shoulder or looking sideways at your screen. In addition your TA or Dr. Keen are leaning in to read it.

Go to the menu choice Options, then the only menu choice under that, Configure IDLE.
On the left side of the window, about half way down the screen, you see Size: and a dropdown menu with a number in it. Click on that menu and make the number bigger, even as much as 22.
Click on the Ok button.

This setting should be persistent, until you change it.

In Wing IDE
Go to the Edit menu, then the Preferences menu choice - at the very bottom.
Depending on the version of Wing IDE you have, you may see a menu choice on the left hand panel which says Fonts. Older versions have the font set up under User Interface: General so you don't have to find it in the menu system.
Click on the Display Font/Size radio button that says "Use Selected Font/Size" then click the Change button. You will get choices of fonts and font sizes. Again, make the size something like 20 or 22 (You have a much larger range of sizes here than in IDLE).
ALSO on the same screen, click on the Source Code Font/Size radio button that says "Match Display Font/Size"
Then click ok.
Wing IDE will give you a warning about changing things - choices of reset or continue working. The Continue button is a good choice.
This setting should be persistent, until you change it.