CS 115 Introduction to Computer Programming Fall 2018 - Syllabus

Laptops in Lecture

When you are in lectures, laptops and smart phones are serious distractions. People believe that they can multitask during a lecture and still get every word. There are many studies which show this is NOT true. No one multitasks as well as they think they do. There are many case studies which show that students who are distracted with technology do not do as well on tests and on final grades overall. Consider these facts when deciding whether to use a laptop or phone in class.

Consider also that you are not distracting just yourself, you are distracting people sitting beside you, people sitting behind you AND the lecturer. If you have a documented medical reason for having to use a laptop in class to take notes, then please present this documentation to Dr. Keen. Otherwise, laptops are only allowed on the back row of the lecture hall. That way you distract only yourself, not people sitting behind you. Phones of any type are not allowed in class.

Laptops in Lab

On the other hand, you are allowed to use your own laptop in any lab session including lab tests. There are computers in the labs in sufficient number for every student, but it is up to you. If you use your computer, you need to have Python 3.x installed on it as well as any IDE you choose.

All policies associated with this course are subject to revision. Reasonable notification will be provided to students before any major changes are made.