CS 115 Introduction to Computer Programming Course Syllabus Spring 2018

Student Evaluation

Attendance at Lectures 6%
Lab Attendance and Assignments 10%
Homework Assignments from Zybook5%
Three Programming Assignments (7% each) 21%
Two Written Exams during the semester         20%
Three Lab Tests (6% each) 18%
Final Written Exam (Comprehensive) 20%

The two written tests during the semester will be held on the dates given below. They are common hour exams. They will be held in Thomas Hunt Morgan Biological Sciences Building (BS) 107,
Test 1Wednesday, February 21
Test 2Wednesday, March 28

The lab tests will be given during regularly scheduled lab sessions on Monday in RGAN 103
Lab Test 1 All Sections Monday, March 5
Lab Test 2 All Sections Monday, April 2
Lab Test 3 All Sections Monday, April 23

The final exam for the Day sections will be held Monday of Finals Week (4/30) at 10:30 am in Kastle Hall 213.

The final exam for the Night section is Tuesday of Finals Week (5/1) at 6:00 pm in RGAN 203.
This is according to the
University exam schedule.

Grading Scale:
90-100% = A 80-89.99 = B 70-79.99 = C 60-69.99 = D below 60 = E