Due Dates

It is not acceptable to email your submission, either lab or program, unless that is specified in the assignment. Submit links, usually through Canvas, are provided on every assignment.

Lab Assignments

Every lab assignment will be posted on the page several days before the lab period when it will be due.

Late Policy for Labs

Each individual lab will have a deadline on it, usually Sunday midnight before the lab sections meet on Monday. Individual Labs will be accepted until 9 am Monday morning for half credit. After 9 am, they are not accepted at all. There is a deadline for the team work, which will be during that lab period. Team work will not be accepted after the end of the period.

Programming Assignments

The electronic submission of program assignments will be done via a link on the class web page; it can be done as soon as you have your program ready.

Program assignments are in 2 parts: design and implementation/testing. Each of these will have due dates. Designs will be accepted late until 9 am the next morning for half credit. After 9 am, they are not accepted at all.

Late Policy for Program Implementations

Implementations (source code) may be turned in late, but they lose 10 percent of the points possible per calendar day late, up to 5 calendar days late. That is, work that is one day late loses 10 percent, work that is two days late loses 20 percent, and so on. This means that weekends count as days! Programs are submitted electronically so you can submit on the weekend.

Some assignments may have bonus parts. If a program is turned in late, it is NOT eligible for any bonus points. This means if you are tempted to turn in an assignment late so you can finish the bonus, don't. The bonus will not be counted. Even if you use the "Magic Excuse" to extend your due date, the bonus will NOT be counted in that case.

Programs will not be accepted more than 5 calendar days late. This means that work turned in more than 5 calendar days after the deadline will get a grade of zero. This allows your TA to grade most of the submitted programs at the same time, increasing consistency and improving return times for assignments.

If you have an excused absence, some deadline extension will be allowed, determined by Dr. Keen. Contact her immediately.

Late assignments will not be accepted once the feedback for the work has been sent to the class!

Be advised that programming projects require time to prepare and a way to do POORLY on them is to wait to start work the evening before they are due. A program need not be fully functional to receive some credit, but we would much rather see a working program turned in a little late than one on time which does not work. A program that does not run because of errors which cause it to crash should not be turned in without being fixed. This means you MUST test your program thoroughly! Assignments will include test cases which you can use to test your code. We will use the same test cases when grading. Python does not tell you about syntax errors in many cases until you actually run that part of the code. This is another reason to start work on your assignments early - so you will have time to run tests and ask questions before the due date! It is easy to accidently delete a character or comment out a line at the last minute. After you submit your program, check to make sure what you just turned in DOES run! YOU are responsible for making sure your program as turned in will run cleanly! Any checking we do is a courtesy, not a right!

File Formats in Electronic Submissions: You need to know the difference between a text file and other types of files, like docx, pdf, rtf, pages, etc. Most of the time, the type that is acceptable in electronic submissions is a text file (which include .py files). We will explain how to generate them. The assignment will specify what format each file should be in. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure the files you turn in are in the correct format. If we have time and find files of incorrect formats in a submission, we will try to notify you by email as soon as possible, BUT the submission will be counted as getting later, up until you submit the files in the correct format. This can cost you lots of points on your grade! If the submission is not corrected before the last date we accept the assignment, the program will not be graded and your score will be zero. Make sure you have the files you need and NOTHING else in your submission. When in doubt, show it to your TA or Dr. Keen ahead of time! This also means check your email regularly!

If a solution for an assignment is posted onto the class web site, late work will not be accepted after that time.