Attendance Policies

Lecture and lab attendance are required. Attendance will be checked in lecture on most days. Attendance will be checked at all lab periods. Students are expected to come to class on time and stay for the whole period.

The University Faculty Senate states: (Rule V- If attendance is required by the class policies elaborated in the syllabus or serves as a criterion for a grade in a course, and if a student has excused absences in excess of one-fifth of the class contact hours for that course, a student shall have the right to petition for a "W", and the Instructor of Record may require the student to petition for a "W" or take an "I" in the course. [US: 2/9/87; RC: 11/20/87] * Here is the source of that rule. Look for Attendance and Completion of Assignments (about page 130 in the pdf).

If you miss a lecture where attendance is taken, a test or any lab period, you are responsible for contacting Dr. Keen within one week of the absence. If the absence is excused and you have documentation for the absence, credit will be give for attendance or a makeup for the missed test will be arranged without penalty. If you do not have one of the excuses below, you will lose the credit for that attendance. If you do not contact Dr. Keen within the time limit (one week), your absence will be counted as unexcused. For an unexcused absence at a test, a makeup may be allowed, with a penalty determined by Dr. Keen . This penalty can be 50% or more.

Punctuality: Students are expected to come to all classes on time and stay for the whole period. This is especially important for Lab Tests. Lab Tests end at 10 minutes until the hour. Any work turned in after that deadline will lose 10 percent out of what is possible for each minute late, based on the file's timestamp when it is submitted. Extra time will NOT be given.

Excused absences are the following:

Written documentation, a paper copy that we can keep, will be required for all excused absences.

Missed announcements, instructions, assignments, etc. due to absence will not constitute acceptable reasons for failing to meet subsequent deadlines. It is the student's responsibility to learn the content of the missed classes and to initiate arrangements with the instructor for making up the work.

NOTE: See definition of excused absences in the current edition of Student Rights and Responsibilities or on the web at No absence can be designated "excused" until documentation has been provided and verified. Absences due to minor conditions (lack of transportation, slight discomfort, conflict with an appointment, etc.) are considered unexcused, as are absences for registration or advising.