The only way to learn programming is to do programming, so this course will include several programming and lab assignments and homework for you. You can use the computers available in the computer labs or your own computer. All students may download Python for free.

Please do all assignments exactly as they are assigned. Do not change the problem to something you like better. Part of the assignment is to see if you can meet the specifications as given. We also ask this to ensure the programs can be graded in a timely manner, and that the students understand the statements they are using. If you want to use something that has not been discussed in class, ask your TA or Dr. Keen first and don't be surprised if we say no. If you do use more advanced statements without permission, you will be penalized up to 75% on the program grade. See the program assignment page for more discussion of this.

Turn in complete assignments and programs. If you don't have an assignment finished, wait until you are ready to turn in everything you are going to do. If a partial project is turned in, it will be graded as it stands. If more of the project is turned in later on, the entire project is considered as late as the date of the last part turned in, and the entire project is subject to be regraded and to late penalties.

You do NOT have to submit a partial assignment in order to submit a full one later. We grade ONLY the last version submitted. We will NOT "piece together" your work from different versions submitted.

Save your graded work and programs until you get your final grade. Mistakes do happen during recording, and your copy is your proof of your grade. Do keep electronic copies of your source files, at least until you get the graded results. You will be provided with a record of your scores at various times during the semester. Please check these and let your TA or Dr. Keen know about any discrepancies as soon as possible. Don't wait until Finals!