Grading Criteria for Program 2 CS 115 Fall 2017

Syntax or Runtime Errors: 1 error will cause deduction of 10 points. More than 1 error will cause much greater loss of points.
Source Code Phase I

Title output 2 points

gets input from user before game starts (rounds, difficulty) 3 points

gets input from user in game (angle, velocity) 3 points

Calculates formulas correctly 8 points

      converts degrees to radians

Logic to determine if bird hit pig or not 5 points

Counter for pigs 6 points

Correct use of random numbers 5 points

logic for outputting pig counter after game is over 4 points

loop which plays game 4 points
Source Code Phase II

Title output 1 points

Uses Entry to get input from user before game starts (rounds, difficulty) 3 points

Information displayed on screens appropriately 10 points

Clicks in appropriate places 5 points

Function to get two pieces of data from user 10 points

Inputs from user validated if empty strings 4 points

Uses 2 gif images

Information removed from screen appropriately
Style and

Program Prolog Comment with Name, Section, Email, Date, Purpose, Preconditions, Postconditions

Meaningful Variable Names

Documentation of Code

Function Header

Source code formatting/ whitespace
Test Cases 20 points
Design 20 points

TAs have the authority to deduct points for other items which do not follow the program specifications, as given in the assignment page, or the documentation or other standards stated on the class web page.