Team Policy

Your lab team is supposed to help you with the work of the team lab assignments. You cooperate as a team to solve a problem and submit it as a team. Make sure that all teammates understand what was done to solve the team problems - any of the material can show up on a quiz in class!

It is good to look at the assignment ahead of time, before the lab. It is ok to work out how you would do it, even code it if you want. BUT you must do the code with your team in lab. It is NOT sufficient just to show the other team members what you did and then say "let's turn it in". Work it out again step by step - listen to what your partners have to say, maybe they have a simpler way to solve the problem, maybe they see a bug you did not. The work turned in should be a joint effort.

You are expected to do your share of the work on a lab. If you don't contribute to your team, you can lose the privilege of having a team and have to do all the work by yourself. Your TA has the responsibility to judge how a team is going. They have the authority to dissolve a group.

If you say "I'd rather work by myself", here are some facts you should know:

A reminder that everyone on the team is responsible for making sure THEY understand the material in the exercises. If you understand the material, explain it to your teammates. If you don't understand the material, it is your job to ask questions of your teammates, your TA, Dr. Keen until you do understand it.

Some suggestions from previous classes and quotes from a survey