CS 115 Lab 4 Logic and Boolean Operators

50 Points

Due Sunday, February 11, 2018, midnight

Educational goals of this lab - verify that every student can

Submit your files with this link. Use the Lab 4 menu choice. and the "Code" menu choice.


(50 points) Individual Problem: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Imagine there are two players who can both choose either Rock (R), Paper (P), Scissors (S). Each chooses without knowledge of what the other chose. Then both choices are displayed and the winner is determined.

  1. If both choose the same one, it's a tie.
  2. Then the Rock choice wins over the Scissors, the Paper choice wins over Rock and Scissors wins over Paper.

Ask the first player for a choice. You don't have to check for validity. Clear the screen. Let the second player make a choice. Then report the result, either a tie or Player 1 wins or Player 2 wins.

(20 points) Problem #1: Complete a test plan.

Be exhaustive as far as possible plays. There are 9 of them total.

Half the points is for writing the test cases correctly. Half the points is for your program passing them.

(30 points) Problem #2: Write the program

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Remember NOT to leave files on the local hard drives in a lab or anywhere else on campus! Make sure you save your projects on a portable storage device you take with you!