CS 115 Lab 2 Introduction to Math Operators and Test Cases (Individual)

50 Points

Due Sunday, January 28, 2018, midnight

Educational goals of this lab - verify that every student can

Submit your files with this link. Use the Lab 2 menu choice. and the "Code" menu choice.


(50 points) Individual Problem: Calculating drop times

To find the length of time (in seconds) that a small steel sphere would take to fall from a given height (in meters), you can use this formula. h is the height, g is the acceleration due to gravity. The formula gives the result in seconds. Use the value of 9.8 (meters per second per second) for g.

(20 points) Problem #1: Complete a test plan.

(30 points) Problem #2: Write the program

(5 points BONUS) Use the sqrt function
Change the formula to use the sqrt function instead of exponentiation. You do not have to turn in this source code. You'll have to import the correct library. Write a short paragraph about whether the results were the same as when you used the exponentiation operator. Put this paragraph as a comment at the bottom of the program you wrote.

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