One possible design for Program 1

It is assumed that the value of Pi is known, and
the value of the density of concrete is known.

1.  Input the 2 radii, the height and the number of supports.
    1.1   Prompt for and input top radius
    1.2   Prompt for and input bottom radius
    1.3   Prompt for and input the height of the support
    1.4   Prompt for and input the number of supports
2.  Calculate the volume of a frustum-shaped support.
    2.1  Volume is  given by the formula 

      V = Pi h (R2 + PR + P2)
The height is h, the top radius is R and the bottom radius is P. 3. Calculate the volume of all the supports combined. 3.1 allbases = multiply the volume for one support by the number of supports 4. Calculate the mass (pounds) of all the supports combined. 4.1 mass = multiply allbases by the density of concrete 5. Display the input information. 5.1 Display the number of supports and end the line 5.2 Display the top radius 5.3 Display the bottom radius and end the line 5.4 Display the height and end the line 6. Display the calculated results. 6.1 Display the mass and end the line Note: "base" and "support" are names for the same thing. Note: assignment says use a math function, so include cmath and use pow in the volume formula.
This is only one possible way to do it.