Cooperative Learning Question

On a piece of paper, write your NAME, SECTION and DATE.

On your paper, put the number of each question and your answer.

	def main():
	    win = GraphWin("My window")
            c = Line (Point (50, 30), Point(130, 30))
  1. GraphWin, Line and Point in this code are all used as what? The answer is NOT "methods". They are all things called to create an object.
    ANSWER: constructor - "class" is not really a good answer. As was seen in class, if you say "class Point" you are in the process of defining a class (NOT an object). If you say "x = Point(3,4)", you are creating an object (not a class).
  2. How long is the line that is drawn? (in pixels)
    ANSWER: 80 pixels (130-50)
  3. What word goes in the blank in the last line?
    ANSWER: close

Use your notes as desired.

Check with your neighbor to see that they all have the right answers.