Cooperative Learning Question

On a piece of paper write your NAME and DATE and SECTION.

  1. Given the groups "character", "letter", "digit", classify these symbols. Use as many names as are applicable.
    1. "5"
      ANSWER: character, digit
    2. "D"
      ANSWER: character, letter
    3. "="
      ANSWER: character
  2. Say whether the relational operators return True or False.
    1. "ART" < "ANT"
      ANSWER: False 'R' > 'N'
    2. "Bobby" > "bobby"
      ANSWER: False 'B' < 'b'
    3. "Rob" == "Robert"
      ANSWER: False, shorter one is less

    Spend a minute talking to your neighbor about the question. Convince them your answer is right if you can!

    Turn the paper in for attendance.