Cooperative Learning Question

On a piece of paper, write your NAME, SECTION and DATE.

On your paper, put the number of each question and your answer.

  1. What are the values and types of these expressions? Please write out the Boolean constants, don't just write "T" or "F".
    1. b < 100 and b > 200 (assume b is a numeric type)
      ANSWER: False, it is impossible for both comparisons to be True at the same time, no matter what number is in b
    2. x > 50 or x < 100 (assume x is a numeric type)
      ANSWER: True, and at least one of those comparisons MUST be True for any value of x
    3. 5 < y < 10 (assume y has value of 8)
      ANSWER: True 5 is less than 8 and 8 is less than 10
  2. Which (if any) of the 3 expressions above is a tautology?
  3. Which (if any) of the 3 expressions above is a contradiction?
    Note: C is neither tautology nor contradiction, sometimes it is True, sometimes it is False

Use your notes as desired.

Check with your neighbor to see that they all have the right answers.