Instructions for checking CS 115 Grades via the Web

In order to check your grades for this class via the web, you need to have a random number assigned to you. This number should be given to you by your TA. This number is assigned to you totally randomly, in order to be confidential. It has nothing to do with your Student ID number. If you want your grades to remain confidential do not let anyone else know what that number is.

Using this number to replace XXXXX, go to the web page your TA has set up. It will most likely look something like

This is something your TA will give you in your lab. It is different for every TA, possibly for every section.

That is, run a web browser of your choice and enter the URL above and substitute your number for the Xs in the URL. Note that your name is in no way represented on this web page.

Reading these pages should be fairly self-explanatory. Grades are represented for quizzes, lab work, programs, and exams. Two columns after each description show the possible points for an assignment, and the points you received. Sub-averages are given for each category. Another column gives the weight for each part of the course. Assignments that have not yet been graded/assigned are denoted by *s. Such assignments are not figured into the grade approximation.

If this setup makes you uncomfortable in any way, then just let the course coordinator or your TA know, and your page will be taken down permanently. You will get a paper copy instead.

The final grade is calculated:

QuizAtt Avg * .05 + Labwork Avg * 0.06 + Program Avg * .24 + Exam1 * .10
+ Exam2 * .10  + BookHw * 0.05 + LabTest1 * 0.05 + LabTest2 * 0.05 
+ LabTest3 * 0.05 + LabTest4 * 0.05 + Final Exam Avg * .20 

This represents an approximation of your grade by only considering the grades you have received so far.

If you find any errors in the scores recorded on these pages, contact your TA immediately. These pages are generated not only to let you know how you are doing in the class, but also to guarantee that your grades have been recorded correctly. If a grade has been recorded incorrectly, we will ask to see the paper that your grade is written on before we correct it. So make sure you do not throw away anything that is given back in class until your final grade has been established.

Here is a sample page.