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Standard Disclaimer

Since the inception of the Laboratory for High Performance Scientific and Computer Simulation and Laboratory for Computational Medical Imaging & Data Analysis, we have made the availability of our software packages as a top priority in our research agenda.

The software packages listed here are developed by my the research team of Dr. Jun Zhang since 1996. Some of them were the results of funded research projects, others were the outcomes of some student dissertation projects. The financial supports of the funding agencies and the dedications of the students are hereby acknowledged. However, the funding agencies are not responsible for the accuracy of the software packages or the opinions of the reports.

These software packages come without any guarantee of any kind. The authors of the software packages do not assume any responsibility as a result of using these software packages. You use them at your own risk.

This page is served as a warehouse for all software packages developed at the laboratories of Dr. Jun Zhang which have been made publicly available. Some of the software packages are hosted by the former students of Dr. Jun Zhang.
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