Instruction to Authors of

International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation

Only original contributions, which are not published in any language and are not submitted for publication elsewhere, are accepted for peer review. Three copies of manuscripts should be sent to:

Dr. Ji-Huan He
College of Basic Science,
Shanghai Donghua University,
1882 Yan'an Xilu Road,
Shanghai 200051
P. R. China

or to any editor member of the editorial board with a statement that the paper has never been published anywhere.

Manuscripts should be typed, with double spacing throughout (including references), on A4 size paper, leaving ample margin.

To speed up the review process, we also accept e-manuscript with Word or LaTex under the permission of the editor.

Once accepted for publication, the final version of the manuscript with a diskette must be provided, the author is encouraged to send his/her e-manuscript by email (Word or LaTex), or send the camera-ready manuscripts in order to quickly publish. Instructions of how to format the camera-ready manuscripts are available from the publisher or the editor. Author's photo and a brief resume will be appeared at the end of his paper. Only black-white photo is required, colour photo requires additional fee by publisher.


In general, there is no limitation of the length. Short letters no longer than 4 printed pages are automatically transformed to Communications in Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation (An International Journal of Rapid Publication)

Preparation of Manuscripts

  1. The language of the papers is English only.
  2. Symbols for physical quantities should be in italic (sloping) type. Mathematical operators and constants and symbols for units should be in roman (upright) type. Vectors should be in bold italic type and matrices in bold upright type.
  3. Manuscripts should be typed, with double spacing throughout, on A4 size paper, leaving ample margins. Lengthy mathematical proofs and derivations should be given in an appendix.
  4. The arrangement of manuscripts should be as follows:


All illustrations and photographs should be clear, sharp, black and white prints, with good contrast, on glossy paper; the most suitable size is twice the final size.

Colour illustrations are encouraged, but authors will be asked by the publisher to cover the full costs incurred in colour printing.

Copyright Papers are considered for publication on the understanding that they have not been submitted to any other publisher. The submitted works must be original and not previously published elsewhere. The copyright in papers accepted for publication becomes the property of the publisher and reproduction of any part of the paper elsewhere is not allowed without the permission of the publisher. Authors who wish to reproduce illustrations which have already been published elsewhere must obtain the written permission of the copyright holder.

Page Charges

Generally speaking, no page charge is required, and the author will receive 25 free offprints, further copies can be ordered at a reasonable cost prior to printing. However, the paper is subject to a voluntary page charge of $30 per Journal page if the work is financially supported.

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