MSPA-MCS: Mathematical and Computational Algorithms for Visualization of Human Brain Neural Pathways

Principal Investigator: Jun Zhang
Graduate Research Assistant: Ning Cao, and Hao Ji
Co-Principal Investigators: Yunmei Chen, Yijun Liu, University of Florida

Funding Sources: National Science Foundation
Funding Division: CCF
Funding Program: CISE
Program Director: Haesun Park
Contract Number: CCF-0527967
Estimated Budget: $193,615
Duration: 10/01/2005 - 09/30/2007 (24 months), extended to 09/20/2008


This project will conduct a preliminary but solid study on developing a new mathematical model in the application of a novel magnetic resonance imaging technique to reconstruct human brain neural pathways. The new model will make use of the high angular resolution diffusion-weighted (HARD) imaging technique and the diffusion equation simulation based fiber tractography technique to trace white matter fiber tracts in the human brain.

The robust diffusion equation simulation based fiber tracking technique has been used with standard second-order diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging (DT-MRI) data and some major white matter fiber tracts have been reconstructed. Compared with the standard DT-MRI based techniques, the fusion of HARD technique and diffusion equation simulation based tractography is a combination of more accurate data acquisition technique with more sensitive analysis technique and is likely to produce a much more advanced visualization technique that allows scientists to "see through" the human brain noninvasively and understand its in vivo functions and connectivities. This understanding can help scientists to design biologically motivated computing systems and combat many brain diseases. In addition, this project emphasizes training Ph.D. students as the next generation interdisciplinary scientists with solid background in mathematics, computer science, and neoruscience.

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