Preliminary Study on Modeling and Simulation of Thermomechanical
Interaction of Biological Bodies at High Temperature

Principal Investigator: Jun Zhang
Co-Principal Investigator: Fuqian Yang
Graduate Research Assistant: Yuan Hong

Funding Sources: Kentucky Science and Technology Foundation
Funding Program: Emerging Ideas
Program Manager: Liz Knapp
Contract Number: KSEF--02-264-RDE-002
Estimated Budget: $14,705
Duration: 01/01/2003 - 12/30/2003 (12 months)


The one year research project is to conduct preliminary study on mathematical modeling and computer simulation of thermomechanical interaction of biological bodies at high temperature. We propose a new approach to study bioheat transfer in skin and the thermal deformation of skin at high temperature, based on a thermoporoelastic media model.

The preliminary research on the modeling and simulation of biological response at high temperature is to understand the effect of high temperature on the thermal mechanical behavior of soft tissues and to reveal the potential damage caused by high temperature and high stress. This will lead us to the understanding of the contribution of subsurface organisms on the thermal burns.

The research results and data will be used as preliminary results to help the researchers at the University of Kentucky to seek federal funding to organize a research team and to conduct large scale modeling and simulation of thermomechanical interaction of biological bodies at high temperature.

Technical Reports and Computer Software:
  1. A numerical study of a 3D bioheat transfer problem with different spatial heating by Samir Karaa, Jun Zhang, Fuqian Yang (April 30, 2003).
  2. Modeling and numerical simulation of bioheat transfer and biomechanics in soft tissue by Wensheng Shen, Jun Zhang, and Fuqian Yang (January 27, 2004).
Conference and Seminar Presentations:
  1. S. Karaa, J. Zhang, Y. Hong, F. Yang, Modeling 3D heat transfer in biological bodies, presented in poster format (by Samir Karaa, Jun Zhang, and Yuan Hong) at the first Annual Kentucky Innovation and Enterprise Conference, Lexington, KY, March 5, 2003.
  2. W. Shen, J. Zhang, F. Yang, Modeling and simulation of heat transfer and biomechanics in soft tissue, abstract submitted, to be presented by (Wensheng Shen) at the SIAM Conference on Life Science, Portland, Oregon, July 11-14, 2004.

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