General Policies on Homework an Grading

Make-up exams. Make-up tests will be given only under exceptional circumstances, such as accidents, illnesses or (serious) family emergencies.You must inform the instructor as soon as possible regarding the situation. Be definition an emergency is not planned, so please refrain from asking in advance whether you can take a make-up exam. Documented proof will be needed before you are granted a make-up test. If you would like to observe any holidays other than the public holidays, please inform the instructor in the first week of the class.

Homework and Exam Policy. In preparing your homeworks, whether programming labs or exercises, you may seek general help from the instructor, your fellow students, or any other reference material, provided you do not copy any of the other person's work. You are encouraged to discuss the material in groups as this helps in understanding and learning. However, you must turn in your own individual homeworks, plagiarism is a serious offense and will be published quite strictly (see Graduate Handbook). The exams are not group efforts and will be closed book. All exam responses must be your own. Violations of this policy will result in 0 for that particular lab or exam and possibly an F for the course.

Due Dates. Due dates will be very strictly enforced, unless an extension is granted to all students. All assignments must be turned in at the beginning of the lecture in which they are due. Any homework/lab turned in after this time and before 5:00pm of the day they are due, will be considered late and will receive a 25% penalty. Anything turned in after 5:00pm of the due date, but before 5:00pm of the next day, will be considered very late and will receive an additional 25% penalty. Anything turned in after 5:00pm the day after the due date will receive a grade of zero. If you become sick or a family emergency arises and you are unable to turn in your assignments on time, please inform the instructor as soon as possible and an extension may be given to you. However, documented proof will be needed for such excuses. Please do not turn the labs in early (no bonus will be given), wait until the lecture. Make sure that your homework/lab is stapled together and your name is printed on every pages. Please also make sure your assignment/lab is written legibly or typed. You may loose points for poor presentation. It is highly recommended to start working on an assignment soon after it is given. Information on what is due next and postscript versions of the assignments will be available on the class web pages.

Grading. If you have a question on a grade you received, please see the instructor. You have one week from when a lab/exam is handed back to get your scored changed. Regraded score may go up or down.

Turn-in. Turn in the hardcopy of all your source code and a single makefile at the beginning of the lecture. The makefile should be able to create any program you will write, e.g., the command make pif should create an executable file called pif which computes the value of pi.

E-mail the file names and the directory name where your code resides to Make sure to chmod your directory and files, i.e., you need to do the following before you submit your project

chmod o+x $HOME
chmod -R 755 directory-name

Your electronic copy should match your hardcopy turned in. After submitting the programs, you should not modify your files any more. The file's last modified time will be treated as the submission time.

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