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UKSPC 2008 » Results

Graduate and undergraduate students competed in two divisions: eleven students in the upper division and ten students in the lower division (Freshman and Sophmore). A number of the ACM team members from the past contests, David Krieg, Devin Cook, Will Wade and Mark Hays, served as judges. The contestants were given five problems of varying difficulty. Judging was based on the ACM programming competition rules. By rules the correct output must not only be valid but also has to precisely meet the specified format. There were many instances of students submitting solutions that were rejected merely because of a presentation error (e.g., output listed in wrong order, etc.). The final ranking is based on the number of problems accepted as correct solutions meeting the above criteria and by the total time (see the scoring rules), including penalties for incorrect submissions.

Both Divisions are ranked together
1 Stefan Kendall 4 problems minutes
2 Ryan Tylor 3 problems minutes
3 Ryan Seabolt 3 problems minutes
4 Scott Southerland 3 problems minutes
5 a number of students 2 problems  
6 a number of students 1 problem  
Twenty one students competed, three students helped with the contest:
Scott Southerland JR,
Lucas Taylor SO,
Shaden Smith FR,
Elliot Sweat JR,
Steven A Wilson JR,
Tyler West JR,
John Wright SO,
Kai Wang GRAD,
Mitchell Martin SR,
Kathy Jacobson SR,
Thomas Akridge SO,
Stefan Kendall SO,
Ryan Taylor FR,
Dalel Juzabyev JR,
Ryan Seabolt JR,
Christopher Parks SO,
Derric McGarrah JR,
Ryan Bright SO,
Isaac Lee JR,
Michael Delfino SO,
Michael + John Fenz FR/SR.
Daniel Harris (helper),
David Rust (helper),
Jarrett Burns (helper).

A few small prizes were given to the contestants.