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UKSPC 2003 » Results

Both graduate and undergraduate students competed: in total thirty seven students participated in the contest.

The students were given five problems of varying difficulty with different problems selected for different divisions (the problems from the contest will be posted later). Judging was based on the ACM programming competition rules. By rules the correct output must not only be valid but also has to precisely meet the specified format. There were many instances of students submitting solutions that were rejected merely because of a presentation error (e.g., output listed in wrong order, etc.). The final ranking is based on the number of problems accepted as correct solutions meeting the above criteria and by the total time (see the scoring rules), including penalties for incorrect submissions. All the entries were regraded after the contests using the same set of tests for all of the programs. The judges: Jesse Andrews, Emil Iacob, Dr. Keen, and Dr. Piwowarski.

Final Ranking

NameCode# CorrectPenalty
R. Gabbard telexing 5 231
M. Field fanciers 4.8 285
N. Moore decorate 4.8 398
I. Damron antigens 4.8 404
A. Lane pressure 4 192
N. Sanders twisting 4 194
K. Vogel agitator 4 336
R. Curtis dipstick 3.8 348
B. Chandler ecstatic 3 67
A. Garakapati allusion 3 180
D. Duncan sanctums 3 231
S. K. Kannan gamboled 2.8 272
S. Logsdon saturate 2.3 230
S. duBarry modester 2.3 292

Additionally, two problems were solved by K. Bathula, Y. Shukla, Wei Li, S. Walters, W. Barry, P. Ramachandran, S. Bodapati. One problem (problem 5) was graded based on the number of tests passed.*

* The list may still change because of regrading process for some entries.