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UKSPC 1999 » Results

Graduate and undergraduate students competed in two divisions: fourteen students in the upper division and five students in the lower division. The students were given seven problems of varying difficulty with different problems selected for different divisions (the problems from the contest will be posted later). Judging was based on the ACM programming competition rules. By rules the correct output must not only be valid but also has to precisely meet the specified format. There were many instances of students submitting solutions that were rejected merely because of a presentation error (e.g., output listed in wrong order, etc.). The final ranking is based on the number of problems accepted as correct solutions meeting the above criteria and by the total time (see the scoring rules), including penalties for incorrect submissions.

Upper Division
1 Leon Poutievski 2 problems 252 minutes
2 Andy Chang 2 problems 358 minutes
3 Venkata Nambula 2 problems 366 minutes
4 Matthew Saalfeld 2 problems 466 minutes
5 Michael Garing 1 problem  
6 Huayi Dong 1 problem  
7 Doug Wells 1 problem

In the lower division (freshman and sophomore students) the final standing was:

Lower Division
1 Doug Anderson 2 problems 457 minutes
2 Chris Hayden 1 problem  43 minutes
3 Jason Cheatham 1 problem  64 minutes

Prizes were funded by the Department of Computer Science at UK and by Alpha Honor Society of Electrical Engineering students.