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Our department starts the advising process for course planning, and priority regitration as soon as schedules are available. You can stop by anytime during the semester with questions related to your progress and other advising issues. Please preregister! Every semester we have an influx of students who did not preregister. If you don't preregister you will not be assured a space in the class. We find that it is extremely difficult to move classes at the last minute to larger rooms to make space for late arrivals.

Your advisors for the registration for courses and lifting holds are your DUS (Dr. Jaromczyk -- 315 Davis Marksbury Building [DMB]) and Student Affair Officer (Ms Kathy Ice-Wedding -- 102B DMB).


As the primary source, use the University of Kentucky Registrar Web page to get the most up-to-date information about courses. CS offerings are posted on the web advising form. I suggest that you check these links before signing up for courses.


In coordination with the faculty advisor assigned to you, your DUS and Ms. Kathy Ice-Wedding will authorize the lifting of your advisor's hold. (see Getting Holds Lifted).

The process has a number of steps:

Before planning your courses, please make sure about the year of your matriculation to apply the correct se of program requirements: check the University Bulletin.

Please work on the selection of courses prior to visiting with your adviser to make the process more productive. Use APEX and > or progress form/checklist -- USP to see the requirements. Typically overlooked items are: Science Electives [these are in addition to PHY 231/241 and PHY 232/242], Non-Technical Electives [6 hours of courses NOT in CS/Engr/MA/Sci], at least 128 credit hours.

Engineering Standing

If you want to register for courses that require Engineering Standing, please make sure that you have applied and been accepted to Engineering Standing. To obtain Engineering Standing you need to complete the pre-Engineering courses with a 2.5 grade point average. If you want to be considered for Engineering Standing send e-mail to your DUS ( and he will evaluate your transcript and reply to you. If you use the Web form to request advising information there is a check box you can use to prompt us to check for engineering standing.

UK Core

Some of you are working under the USP and some on the new UK Core requirements for the General Education. Please check with the DUS and Ms Kathy Ice Wedding if you have questions. Please note that the foreign language (typically satisfied in High School), Graduation Writing requirement and the Communication Requirement (for UK Core), and recently the GCCR requirement, need to be satisfied.


A minimum of 128 credit hours is required.

And if in doubt always talk to your adviser.