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Advising » Web Advising Form for Spring 2012

You can use the form below as a means of contacting your adviser to get a hold lifted. Additional steps after submitting this form are to schedule a meeting with Ms. Jennifer Doerge 102B Davis Marksbury Building (signing sheets) and then with your faculty adviser (assigned individually based on the last digit of the student's ID).

Before working on this Web-advising form, please use the checksheet/progress form (see links at the top of the Section Navigation to the left) and the APEX system on Printed copies of the checksheet are also available in 102B Davis Marksbury Building. This form and the APEX report allow you to see your progress in the program and requirements that you need to complete. Note that in individual cases requirements may vary so verify the requirements with the Director of Undergraduate Studies and your adviser. After submitting the Web-advising form, a meeting in 102B Davis Marksbury Building and seeing your faculty adviser, the advising hold will be lifted or you will be advised about additional steps. You must have any holds placed on your account lifted before you can register for classes.

Web Advising
  1. required
  2. required
  3. required
  4. Select courses that you are planning to take. Note that footnote (F) below means: offered in Fall and unlikely in Spring. Similarly, (S) means: offered in Spring and unlikely in Fall.

  5. Spring 2013

  6. Summer 2012 Session I

  7. Summer 2012 Session II

  8. * (F) -- offered in Fall and unlikely in Spring

    * cross-listed with ECE or MA and taught by another department

    **struck -- not offered this semester

    *^(there are prereqs and the course is for 2 credits)

    *^^ CS485 (five sections)

    *^ Independent Studies -- requires an advising Professor.

  9. Expected Graduation Date

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