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Advising » Advisor Assignments

(*) - First semester students are advised by engineering advisers in 371 RGAN. Adviser shown will be your adviser starting your second semester.

Advising is scheduled in 102B the Davis Marksbury building (the Rose Str, next to the Hardymon Building).

Each student is assigned a faculty adviser. The assignment is based on the last digit of the SID. In addition to the academic advising by the assigned faculty, all the students will be advised by your DUS, Dr. Jaromczyk (775 FPAT) and Ms. Jennifer Doerge (763C FPAT) regarding the program requirements. After meeting with the academic advisers (Doerge or DUS), the students have to see their faculty advisers to complete the advising process and have the advising hold lifted [see the process for advising]. Students are encouraged to regularly meet with their faculty advisers to discuss matters related to the profession, career and academic questions.
The main office keeps schedules for faculty and will instruct you on the location of the advising; Jennifer Doerge will provide additional information and advice during your scheduled meeting. Otherwise, there are signing sheets on the office doors (or stop by during office hours if sheets are not posted).
Assignments: the last digit of your SID# -- Adviser (or more that one adviser for some digits)
(YY means that the faculty is not providing academic advising this semester -- on leave, sabbatical, other assignments; DMB -- Davis Marksbury Building, HB -- Hardymon Building)

Last SID digit Adviser Office
1 "Faculty Adviser -- Kenneth L Calvert" 102F DMB
6 "Faculty Adviser -- Fuhua (Frank) Cheng" 323 DMB
0 "Faculty Adviser -- Zongming Fei" 227 HB
YY "Faculty Adviser -- Raphael A Finkel" 228 HB
3 "Faculty Adviser -- Judy Goldsmith" 311 DMB
3 "Faculty Adviser -- James N Griffioen" 229 HB
6 "Faculty Adviser -- Jane E Hayes" 233 HB
5 "Faculty Adviser -- Nathan Jacobs 319 DMB
all "Director of Undergraduate Studies -- Jerzy W Jaromczyk" 315 DMB
YY "Faculty Adviser -- Debby L Keen" 773A FPAT
4 "Faculty Adviser -- Andrew M Klapper" 307 DMB
YY(4) "Faculty Adviser -- Jinze Liu" 235 HB
5 "Faculty Adviser -- Dakshnamoorthy (Mani) Manivann" 231 HB
2 "Faculty Adviser -- Victor W Marek" 303 DMB
YY "Faculty Adviser -- Paul Piwowarski" 773B FPAT
YY(8) "Faculty Adviser -- William (Brent) B Seales" 102G DMB
9 "Faculty Adviser -- Miroslaw (Mirek) Truszczynski" 309 DMB
8 "Faculty Adviser -- Grzegorz (Greg) W Wasilkowski" 301 DMB
2 "Faculty Adviser -- Ruigang Yang" 317 DMB
7 "Faculty Adviser -- Jun Zhang" 321 DMB