Rules Specific to the Mid-Central Region
An asterisk (*) indicates a revised version of the general regional rules.
*INTRODUCTION (Entire paragraph)
The contest is a two-tiered competition among teams of students representing institutions of higher education. Teams are chosen from each school typically by choosing the top two teams from contests among team applicants. Chosen teams compete at a satellite site in the Mid-Central Region on the first Saturday in November. The winning team from each regional contest advances to the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals, typically held the following March to mid-April. Additional high-ranking teams may be invited to the World Finals as wild card teams.

*TEAM COMPOSITION (First and last paragraphs)
A representative of the sponsoring institution, typically a faculty member, must serve as or designate the team adviser. The adviser certifies the eligibility of contestants and serves as the official point of contact with the team.

A team is not eligible to compete in the regional contest until the regional director has received all materials that certify team eligibility from the adviser.

......The adviser is expected to attend or be available by phone during contest activities.

No university may send more than two teams to the Regional Contest. Teams may be composed of different schools within the university. If two teams, TeamA and TeamB apply for the contest, TeamA will be given preference. TeamB permission to attend will be announced at a predetermined date by the local site coordinator. The purpose here is to have as many universities as possible participate in the Regional Contest.