Bayes Net links

This is not intended to be a complete listing of DBN pages; suggestions welcome for other links. In particular, we are looking for links to good introductions, tutorials, and freeware.


James Cussens' class page for a course on Bayes nets at York University, including links to Daphne Koller's lecture notes.

Bayes nets - Probably a useful tool, maybe? (tutorial by Joe Tullio)


A Brief Introduction to Graphical Models and Bayesian Networks This page has lots of useful links!
Summary of many Bayes software packages available (albeit no discussion of planning capabilities)

BayesiaLab BayesiaLab offers a complete set of Bayesian Networks learning methods:
a.. a set of very effective unsupervised learning methods for association discovery,
b.. unsupervised learning methods for new concepts discovery (segmentation, clustering)
c.. and supervised learning methods that focus on a target variable (from classical Naive Bayes classifiers to an original Augmented Markov Blanket learning allowing a tremendous gain in time and readability). BayesiaLab also comes with an analysis toolbox that allows discovering very quickly the strength and the type of the probabilistic relations encoded by the learned bayesian networks.

Bill Hsu's Bayesian Networks Formats Convertor

Kevin Murphy's Bayes Net Toolbox 2.0 for Matlab 5

Fabio Cozman's JavaBayes

Learning Bayes nets from data (in Java, open source)

Russell Almond's Software for Manipulating Belief Networks

free Bayes Net software

MSBN: the evil empire's BN software package.

Netica - Commercial Bayesian network, influence diagram, and decision network software from Norsys, Inc.

Genie - Bayesian network modeling tool from the University of Pittsburgh
Noetica Systems, Inc, with link to Ergo(TM): Bayesian Network Editor and Solver

Hugin expert (implements BNs and influence diagrams)

Jesse Hoey's Stochastic Planning Using Decision Diagrams
A paper about whether it's easy to predict the effects on planning of changing probabilities in a BN, with links to various Bayes nets suitable for SPUDD experimentation.


(UAI) Bayesian Network Repository

Other pages of links

Alex Dekhtyar's links (scroll down to find BN links, especially for tutorials)

Russ Greiner's BN links Lots of links to summaries of software, books, applications, etc.

Sara Farmer's list of links

Research Groups

UK Uncertain Reasoning Group

the Bayesian Knowledge Discovery Project of The Open University

Probabilistic Reasoning Group, Kansas State University