CS 375 Fall 2017
Logic and Theory of Computing

Required/Elective: required
Prerequisites: MA113, CS215, CS275, and engineering standing


There will be 8-10 homework assignments, due dates will be printed on the assignments.
Homework assignments are to be submitted to the course grader on the date due.
Submission deadlines will be strictly enforced.


All course materials will be available from the course home page:

I will use e-mail as means of communication. SEND ME AN E-MAIL IMMEDIATELY
if you have not received any e-mail from me yet.

There will be a midterm exam and a final exam. Final exam is not comprehensive.
The exams are closed notes/books exams.

Final grade will be based on homeworks, class attendance record and exams, weighted as follows:

You lose 5 points of your final grade if you miss two lectures.

To compute your final grade, I will use the following scale:


The students will develop knowledge of a variety of mathematical tools for the design
and analysis of algorithms and computer programs. They will learn basic models of
computation based on finite automata, grammars and Turing machines. Basic concepts of
logic, proof construction, and reasoning with variables and quantifiers will be reviewed
if time permits. Specific skills as outcomes of the course include:

These course learning outcomes support the following program outcomes:

PLAGIARISM and CHEATING are serious academic offenses. Consult the following links
for more information on what constitutes an academic offense and on
applicable penalties:

I want to emphasize that in this class students are allowed to discuss ideas and are
allowed to help others by explaininig concepts and possible solutions.
However, all the work that is submitted must be performed by students individually.
Any sharing of electronic files, printouts and other materials developed
by the students is not allowed. If any fragments of text appearing in books,
journals, conference proceedings, web pages, etc. are used, students must
provide appropriate citations. Any help from others must also be acknowledged.

Important Dates:
Midterm - 10/17/17 (Tuesday)
Last day to withdraw from a course - 11/10/17 (Friday)
Thanks Giving Holidays - 11/22/17-11/25/17 (Wednesday-Saturday)
Last day of classes - 12/7/17 (Thursday)
Final Exam - 12/11/17 (Monday 10:30 am)