Mapping the World's Photos

Dr. David Crindall, Department of Computer Science, Cornell University

Semantic space models for word meaning in context

Speaker: Professor Katrin Erk, University of Texas, Austin

Venue: 327 McVey Hall

Software Engineering Using Rationale

Speaker: Professor Janet E. Burge, Miami University, Computer Science and Software Engineering

Venue: Windstream Room, Hardymon Building

Belief Revision, Decomposition and Horn Formulas

Speaker: Professor Robert Sloan, University of Illinois at Chicago

Venue: CB 201

How Secure is your Web App? Open Source PHP Web Applications Security Review

Speaker: Professor Maureen Doyle, Northern Kentucky University

Venue: 255 FPAT (Engineering Tower)

"The PlusCal Algorithm Language"

W.T.Young Library Auditorium [info]

Leslie Lamport
Researcher, Microsoft Corporation