Colloquium: Verification of Programs with Weakest Precondition

Mr. W. Mark Vanfleet, US National Security Agency

Host: Professor V.W. Marek

Venue: 453f FPAT (Engineering Tower)

(Refreshments at 3.30 p.m., 773 FPAT) 

Colloquium: Current Research and Implementation of MILS

Mr. W. Mark Vanfleet, US National Security Agency

Hosts: Professors V.W. Marek and M. Singhal

Venue: Windstream Room, Hardymon Blg

(Refreshments at 3.30 p.m., Hardymon Blg, 2nd floor Commons).

Colloquium: Transitions Systems for Describing Combinatorial Search Procedures

Dr. Yulia Lierer, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky

Host: Professor M. Truszczynski

Venue: 112 Raymond Blg (Civil Engineering) 

Mid-Central Regional ACM Programming Contest

Satellite site: University of Kentucky.

Please register your teams via the ACM ICPC web page (check the deadlines)   (Instructions)

Colloquium: Computational challenges and opportunities in RNA secondary structure prediction

Venue: 327, McVey Hall, Center for Computational Sciences.

Refreshments at 3:00pm

Professor Anne Condon, University of British Columbia, Canada

Host: Professor J. Goldsmith

Speaker's personal page

Tactical and Strategic Sales Management for Intelligent Agents Guided By Economic Regimes

Dr. Wolfgang Ketter, Erasmus University, The Netherlands.

Hosts: Professor D. Liu (Gatton College) and Professor J. Goldsmith (Computer Science).

Mechanics and Mental Change

Professor Jon Doyle, Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University

Rich Photography on a Budget

Dr. Samuel Hasinoff

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology