Advising for Undergraduate CS Students

Advising Information

IMPORTANT: In Spring 2015, start your advising with the following First-Step Web advising form

and follow the steps as instructed by the feedback from your submission.



  •  315 Davis Marksbury Bldg. (J. W. Jaromczyk - DUS)
  • 102B Davis Marksbury Bldg. (professional adviser)

Dates:   Please initiate the advising process well before your Priority Window. In Spring it is late March, in Fall it is in October; please check the University calendar for specific dates of the Priority Windows.

IMPORTANT: In Spring 2015, start your advising with the following First-Step Web advising form

and follow the steps as instructed by the feedback from your submission! Follow the following link please.


The following instructions are NOT for Spring 2015 advising!

Scheduling an Advising Appointment

For Ms. Jennifer Doerge (Student Affairs Officer):    Sign up in a binder outside her102B Davis Marksbury Bldg. office. Available times: Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 12 noon and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

If additional time or special arrangements are needed, please let us know.

For Dr. J. W. Jaromczyk (Director of Undergraduate Studies):  Come during Office Hours, or by appointment: 315 Davis Marksbury Bldg.


Our department starts the advising process for scheduling courses as soon as schedules are available. You can stop by anytime during the semester with questions related to your progress and other advising issues. Please preregister! Every semester we have an influx of students who did not preregister. If you don't preregister you will not be assured a space in the class. We find that it is extremely difficult to move classes at the last minute to larger rooms to make space for late arrivals. 

You can use the Registrar's schedule of classes to get the most up-to-date information about courses. Changes to CS offerings are posted on the web advising form. I suggest that you check these links before signing up for courses.

Advising for Summer and Fall semesters is typically scheduled the last two weeks of March; for Spring and Summer (and the Winter intersession) the last ten days of October and the beginning of November. We continue advising as needed (see the sidebar for hours and location). This page and links above provide information about procedures, advising sessions and advisers.

More information on Spring 2011 Advising can be found here.


Advising is a very important process for students and for the department and we want to make it both efficient and useful. The department offers for our undergraduate and transfer students the following advising process for course registration and academic advising (see also the workflow picture below). In order to have the advising hold lifted, each student must contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies by submitting:

Response to the Web-advising form will be provided by e-mail and the student will receive instructions about the courses, adviser's hold, etc. All students, in addition to submitting the Web-advising form, will have to schedule an appointment with Ms. Jennifer Doerge and with an academic adviser (faculty):

  • Block of advising times in  to discuss your CS requirement checklist — see Advising Sessions for times.
  • Individual advising with your adviser — schedule a meeting with advisor (who is my adviser?).

A reminder for students who are planning to graduate in next semesters: be sure to fill out graduation paperwork by early Summer for August graduation, early September for December graduation and early November for May graduation. Submit forms in the College of Engineering to Ms. Rosie Hicks.

Workflow: Advising for Undergraduate Students

Workflow: Advising for Undergraduate Students

Advising Checklist

Diagram and Checklist for Computer Science Major requriements

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