Scott Wagner

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Scott Wagner
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Area of Interest: 
Web Design and App Development

Scott WagnerComputer Science student Scott Wagner hasn't graduated yet, but he is already the founder of two web-based businesses.

The first of his companies is Promozzi, a promotions firm.  Wagner claims that the idea for this company came about during his tenure working for UK's Student Activities Board: "While I was doing web design for SAB, I worked closely with the graphic designer and with the Director of Public Relations, who is also a photographer.  The three of us became friends and decided to combine our skills into one promotions company."  Combining web design, graphic design, and photography, Promozzi mostly does work for weddings at the moment but is hoping to expand their market to small businesses.

Stadionaut LogoWagner's second business is based on Stadionaut, an app he is developing for smart phones.  The venture started started a three-month Start-Up Bootcamp hosted by Awesome Inc, a local company that helps entrepreneurs put their ideas into action.  Through this bootcamp, Scott was matched up with hiscofounder, who attends Stanford.  Their app is a game based around baseball trivia and play prediciton.  "Attending a baseball game can be boring at times," Wagner admits.  "Stadionaut gives spectators a chance to interact with each other and to have a stake in the game."  While the app is still in the development stage, Wagner plans to offer it for free when it is ready.  "We will make money from the ball parks who want to have their games included on the app.  We may also sell advertising."

Scott Wagner working at DanceBlue

Before Scott started Stadionaut and Promozzi, he had a lot of web development experience.  He has redesigned the websites for four of the largest organizations at UK: SABSGADanceBlue, and RSA.  He also done web design work for the economic development department and the computer science department!  It comes as no surprise then that Scott has been working with computers his whole life.  "My mom has a computer science degree," he says, "so we had a computer in my house since I was young.  It was one of the first personal home computers."

While he fiddled with web design in high school, his first structured look at it was at UK taking CS 316. Scott claims that this class is one of the most important ones he has taken at UK.  "Web Programming appeals to me because it's a mix of coding and graphic design.  I have a visual eye, so I like incorporating graphic design into what I do."

Wagner sees himself continuing to start new businesses, or else doing technology consulting for businesses.  "I don't see myself working in a cubicle for a huge tech company; I want to keep doing my own thing, being independent and being creative.  I think my background at UK has prepared me to be successful at that."